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What we do

JIPF’s Service Contents

 The JIPF works at supporting business, academic research and career building activities based on its rich information, knowledge, experience and human contacts as a “Service Provider” for the respective Japan-India Partnerships of its members. JIPF’s one of main activity is to provide real and timely information which gathered from its wide range of networks in India and Japan, for its members. JIPF shall provide detailed and timely information through not only the public information networks but also using its own JIPF’s networks across South-Asian region, the members shall be informed correct and detailed information without going to India through JIPF’s services of periodical news latter and magazine. Also this communication of JIPF with its members is not a one way communication but a both way communication like the member can ask or contact JIPF on some of specific question on the given information directly.

JIPF’s Service Menu

1. Information Service

2. Generic Consultation

JIPF provides extra information and advices on enquiry or question from its members based on the released material by JIPF. For a professional enquiry such as business related matter, we will work with our partner organisation to make valuable advice and support.

3. Career Building Support

JIPF supports the human development or career up of youth generation of Japanese and Indian through its “Study Programme in India and Japan”, “Job Internship Programme” and “Human Resource Development Programme”

4. Professional Research Support

JIPF seeks to continue its main activity of publicising information of its research outcomes as a leading information provider by supporting pioneering research activities of the think tanks as a partner. JIPF researches together with these partner think tanks on very diverse fields of economics, politics, social, cultural, historical and also professional business themes. Also JIPF seeks a sponsor for special research project on professional specific themes on business interests.

5. Friendship Exchange

JIPS supports people-to-people contacts of Japanese and Indian members and periodically organise a “Friendship Exchange Meeting” through its rich human networks.