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Te wrestle for business support / scientific study support / the carrier support that assumed information / knowledge / exhe JIPF works at supporting business, academic research and career building activities based on its rich information, knowledge, experience and human contacts as a "Service provider" for the respective Japan-India Partnerships of its members.

1. Information service
Provide detailed and timely information through not only the public information networks but also using JIPF's own networks across South-Asian region, the members can access relavant information through a central point of JPIF. This is done through a multi-nodal information flow in which members can also publish their desired information to other members and larger public.

2. Research service
In order to continue its main activity of providing information, the JIPF supports and enhances research activities on India and South Asia through its research support programme and also leads the publication activity of the research as main information provider by providing many kinds of pioneering research theme and also collecting pioneering research proposal from the wider public.

3. Carrier Building service
The JIPF contributes to the establishment of future Japan-India Partnership based on People-to-People networks by supporting the career design of the young people in Japan and India through various seminars focussing on the corporate strategies of Indian and Japanese MNCs, facilitating mutual visits and various internship and study programmes.

4. Generic Consulting Services
Using it's core strengths of networks, partners and research, the JIPF, provides Generic Consulting Services to its members in various forms to promote Japan-India Partnership at the ground level and in concrete terms. The JIPF, cooperate with its partner institutions and provides consistent and quick support for its members.